ARHISAS team was responsible for the interior design of the DEUTSCHE LEASING OFFICES located in EXPO BUSINESS PARK. The innovative concept with multispace structure ensures that Deutsche Leasing’ corporate culture is optimally expressed in every corner of this space.

Tailoring to the different ways people work nowadays, the arhitects imagined different supports spaces including focus rooms, informal couches, breakout zones, conference and meeting rooms, collaboration areas and centralized community hubs.

With a balanced mix of neutral and dynamic colors, shapes and the use of natural plants, ARHISAS encapsulates a positive feeling among the employees, while ensuring optimal orientation in the office.

An open green ceiling was incorporated in the lounging area to allow for a deep contrast and to complete and match the green inserts found in the Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 carpet tiles. Everything required for a enjoyable yet productive day can be found within this flexible space, including a semi-circular couch, round chairs, a TV and a separate bistro-style kittchen.

Following the trend of blending a variety of products, the designers combined Creation 70 LVT Looselay with the exclusive edition Creation 55 LVT from Gerflor. The Chevron pattern draws your focus to the middle-placed table while the oposite light-toned LVT brings symetry and a calmness to the room.

The diagonal laid carpets with pops of orange accents add a touch of playfulness into the open space, highlighting the informal working zones and encouraging creative brainstorming sessions.

The coordonation between different tones, cuts and textures, divides one big open area into more distinguishable zones without using any walls or partitions. This is the power of zoning! The architects have done an astonishing job by mixing 4 shades of Desso Airmaster Earth & Tones and synchronizing them to merge, in order to create artwork at your feet.

For the closed Conference rooms, Facet collection from Milliken was the ideal choice because of its unique colour palette, but especially because of its fabulous geometric pattern. Manufactured using a durable, tufted loop pile construction, Facet comes with a 12 year wear guarantee. “Fine lines cut through blank spaces with pinpoint accuracy to create exquisite, faceted reflections on the floor”.

Entering DEUTSCHE LEASING OFFICES, visitors are greeted by a giant world map, that has the role of transporting anyone on an imaginary trip wherever they desire, while waiting to be welcomed inside.

This project embodies Deutsche Leasing’ goal to integrate lifestyle aspects into the workplace to ensure a more engaging environment for the staff.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 (Laid Bare)
    Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 (Urban Drama)
    Milliken Facet
    Gerflor Creation 55 Design (Exclusive Edition)
    Gerflor Mipolam Robust EL7 (Compact)
    Gerflor Creation 55 Clic
    Gerflor Creation 70 Looselay
    Desso Airmaster Tones
    Desso Airmaster Earth (Ecobase)
  • Architectural Design: ARHISAS
  • Surface: 1000 SQM
  • Year: 2019



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