It has been proven that design is a crucial factor in a healthcare facility, promoting recovery and bringing a considerable contribution to therapy. The right materials go a long way to make design healthier. Whether we’re talking about managing risk or keeping things clean, choices in materials can make or break a healthcare environment.

Corridors are the main arteries of the hospital and must resist to heavy use 24-7, including foot traffic and heavy rolling loads such as equipment carts, med carts or wheelchairs. The right corridor flooring can help reduce stress and promote healing by supporting an evidence-based design scheme. The architects have chosen Mipolam Elegance, a homogeneous sheet flooring from Gerflor that offers the best perfomance in the industry with the revolutionary Evercare™ surface treatment. Adding colorful PVC round cuts in this area can trully stimulate comfort through visuals that evoke light, warm and positive feelings.

GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO architechts designed one of the administrative rooms with a collection that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

With an ultra-realistic parquet look, Taralay Impression Compact is a multi-layered vinyl sheet that has anti-static properties (AS Class 1) and incorporates Sanosol®, an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment.

Gerflor also manufactures a unique line of commercial handrail products for buildings where durability and impact resistance are important. With bacteriostatic and anti-scratch properties, this Gerflor SPM product is the perfect match for every medical facility.

At the heart of the concept for this project is the transformation of the hospital into a welcoming and human centric environment. That was the goal!

Project description:

  • Products: Gerflor SPM Decochoc Handrails
    Gerflor Mipolam Esprit (Compact)
    Gerflor Mipolam Elegance (Compact)
    Taralay Impression Compact
  • Architectural design: GRAPHIC DESIGN STUDIO
  • Surface: 1100 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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