AMA Design was charged with creating a fresh and inspiring environment for the Eurosun Mining Offices, which would help in developing and fulfilling the company’s vision. The design introduced green areas next to the collaborative workstations and in the waiting and lounge areas, ensuring that both the employees and the clients are surrounded by visually pleasant plants.

Upon entering the office, the eye is immediately drawn to the luxurious reception desk, featuring I Classici di Rex black marble slabs, while the nearby green moss wall and the wooden wall claddings insert a warmer feeling in the space. This Florim range brings to mind the elegant atmosphere of the 50’s, featuring an unexpected modern touch, as well.

Giving a rich personality to the space, Desso Traverse is a versatile floor covering that was used to subtly create the transitions between different areas. The informal ones and the closed meeting rooms are marked with the easily recognizable Desso & Ex broadloom collection, in order to break the monotony in the corporate design.

The terrace is the element of surprise, where the stunning view of the city can take your breath away. To compete with this eye-catching landscape, the architects have chosen Marina Decking from Skema for a distinctive touch in aesthetics.

Perfect for all outdoor flooring, this inovative product, made of WPC (Wood Polymer Composite), is an ecological, water-resistant material, which requires low maintenance. It has great durability and its installation is based on the Clips system.

Project description:

  • Products: Desso Traverse (EcoBase)
    Desso & Ex
    Florim I Classici di Rex
    Corksribas CR108
    Skema Marina Decking
    Radici Sole
  • Architectural design: AMA Design
  • Surface: 800 SQM
  • Year: 2018



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