Since 2013, Decor Floor delivered and installed over 40.000 SQM of commercial rubber flooring for over 26 Hervis Sports shops, not only in Romania, but also in Hungary and Serbia. HERVIS OFFICES HQ @ EXPO BUSINESS PARK is the latest completed location and the final result appears as a journey of corporate colors developed by using different products with unique textures.

ARHISAS team took a rigorous and calm attitude, full of enthusiasm and imagination, showing an engaging workspace with a fresh concept which emphasizes the passion for sports that Hervis represents.

Taking inspiration from retail, all elements -sports hall artwork, 3D wall dynamic prints or locker room benches- encourage movement and conspire to create fluidity in this office, as well as interactivity.

Although, the closed workstations were a priority, the architects also crafted various communal zones, including the kitchen space which is the focal point for informal gatherings.

Thanks to the abundant presence of glass partitions, employees’ working area is bridging the main corridor. The closed meeting rooms were tailored with the stylish yet highly functional Desso Iconic collection. Its layered design consists of two different shades with the main overall color broken by hidden lines. So, while a first glance the design appears quite plain, the concealed pattern within reveals itself as you walk across it.

Mixing two kaleidoscope nuances, as scarlet red and navy blue, gives you the opportunity to look from a different perspective.

The architects were searching for an hygienic, resilient, good looking and easy-to-clean flooring for this office and

Artigo rubber was the ideal solution. Assuring the best acoustic comfort and contributing to productivity and health of the occupants, this product gives character to the workplace, at the same time ensuring a cozy and relaxed working atmosphere.

Because it is less rigid than other options, rubber flooring is more shock absorbent, a benefit to your feet and, perhaps, the occasional spilled coffee mug.

HERVIS OFFICES HQ @ EXPO BUSINESS PARK not only maintains its core family culture but now allows it to flourish whilst providing the company with a home that can grow with them.

Project description:

  • Products: Desso Iconic
    Gerflor Mipolam Cosmo
    Corksribas CR108-4mm
    Artigo ND UNI
  • Architectural Design: ARHISAS
  • Surface: 850 SQM
  • Year: 2019



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