The spatial concept of ICON OFFICES created by Morphoza team, starts from the roots of the company, translating their complex personality and dynamic spirit, while striking a poignant balance between work and wellness.

The detail that captures everyone’s attention from the begining, is undoubtedly ”The Periodic Table” piece which servers as a storage space, but also as an ode to the core element of the empoyee’s scientific research.

The hexagonal pods, spread across the office, connect people and transform the way they work, interact and collaborate. These capsules are highlighted by the brighter nuance of Nordic Stories (Tectonic) carpet collection, which creates interest without dominating the room. With enhanced acoustics and underfoot comfort, this durable and eco-friendly Milliken tile also helps to reduce leg muscle fatigue.

Creation 70 Looselay from Gerflor takes over the cafeteria area, projecting innovation through the contrasting colors and the subtle details of this highly functional LVT.

The round cut flooring shapes also contrast beautifully with the sleek and simple architecture qualities of the Sky Tower building.

We feel inspired by this modern work environment that exudes such bold confidence and encourages teams of specialist to continually improve people’s lives though clinical research.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Nordic Stories (Tectonic)
    Milliken Formwork
    Gerflor Creation 70 Looselay
  • Architectural design: Morphoza
  • Surface: 750 SQM
  • Year: 2021



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  • Milliken
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