Once again, Infosys partnered with HTO Architecture & Engineering team to create a fluid and future-proofed work hub, located in Targu Mureș. The challenge was to accommodate large collaborative areas into an open space with over 100 working stations, where people can interact but also can focus on their individual work.

The blue palette scheme was inspired by the Infosys logo and it is in coordination with other colorful highlights that convey a feeling of openness to new opportunities in the company’s exciting development.

The architects took advantage of the large flooring plan and combined three popular and highly functional carpet collections from Milliken, in order to deliver an outstanding design for the entire space, including the closed meeting rooms and the sound-proofed informal booths.

HTO team used geometry as a key instrument to integrate fine design elements into this office and, by mixing Angled Walk, Three Corners and Triangular Path subcollections from Milliken Clerkenwell, they have fulfilled the client’s requirements regarding authenticity, style and comfort.

Balancing the connection between shape, rhythm and pattern, Milliken Colour Compositions planks unlocked the creativity level, providing this space a dynamic vibe where employees and visitors can admire the kaleidoscope of colors, unfolding at their feet.

The third collection completing the flooring masterpiece is Milliken Naturally Drawn (Watercolour Lesson) – a carpet tile with a design drawn from nature and reinterpreted through artistic expression.

All ranges are equipped with StainSmart technology, making them ideal for busy workspaces like this one.

Aesthetically, the kitchen is minimal, elegant and intimate. The chevron pattern of the flooring plan becomes the focal point of the room, creating a feeling of movement. Beside its elegant look, Gerflor Creation 55 LVT range is 100% recyclable, offering excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching as it is treated with PUR+ surface treatment.

In conclusion, HTO architects were focused on delivering a re-imagined workplace meant to create a flexible, multi-functional and collaborative “live-work” environment for INFOSYS OFFICES @ TARGU MURES, where every design feature fits perfectly and creates a unified whole under one roof.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Naturally Drawn (Watercolour Lesson)
    Milliken Clerkenwell (Three Corners)
    Milliken Clerkenwell (Angled Walk)
    Milliken Clerkenwell (Triangular Path)
    Milliken Colour Compositions
    Gerflor Creation 70 Design (Exclusive Edition)
    Gerflor Creation 55
  • Architectural Design: HTO Architecture & Engineering
  • Surface: 825 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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