HTO ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING team understood the potential of the space and identified the core trends that will drive the office’s design into the future.

Infosys’ work areas are highlighted by strong colours, mixed floor textures, unconventional furniture and the final result takes you on a playful tech journey, boosting morale for everyone, from clients and employees to top-floor executives.

In this large open space, the architects have built visual boundaries using specific colours and different flooring products to help the employees associate a particular area with a key function. They combined Clerkenwell, the iconic Milliken collection, with high quality LTV from Gerflor, thereby creating an integrated flooring system and unique combinations of hard and soft surfaces.

With a wide variety of finishes and design options, Creation 55 & 70 are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, providing the best lifetime value when you weigh installation and maintenance costs.

Clerkenwell collection perfectly fits the creative Infosys offices concept because of its geometric design which gives the possibility to really play with nuances, forms and patterns in synchronised harmony.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Clerkenwell
    Gerflor Mipolam Robust
    Gerflor Creation 55
    Gerflor Creation 70
  • Surface: 2.016 SQM
  • Architectural design & Project Management: HTO ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING
  • Year: 2018 – 2019



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