Morphoza Studio recently delivered the offices for an IT company located in Cluj, where the talented architects developed the final design in only 3 weeks.

It’s well-know that places filled with plenty of natural elements have a positive effect on creativity, improving productivity and comfort. Morphoza team imagined a functional and unique workplace where humans are the center of attention and where the “Biophilic design” stimulates motivation and takes care of the employees’ well-being.

Open-concept, open-minded: that’s the feeling we get at first glance of the office. Created with versatility in mind, the hard-wearing DESSO Essence with its cool neutral shade, brings the softness and familiarity of a home into a commercial setting while being able to withstand a high traffic volume.

This sense of freedom extends to semi-closed working spaces as well.

Taking a complete virtual tour, we can observe that this urban hub is a palpable reflection of the principles, the values and the Southeast Asian identity of the company.

Every themed meeting room with its colorful pattern and local decorations, tells a beautiful story about relentless cities as Singapore, Bangkok or Jakarta, leaving you speechless the moment you walk in.

Tempra collection from Desso perfectly embraces each zone, adding value through its contemporary yet timeless design. This carpet range works in great harmony with the other natural materials such as wood, moss wall or rattan.

Morphoza Studio completed its task to build engagement among employees and to inspire them a sense of belonging to the world, the community and the city.

Project description:

  • Products: Gerflor Creation 55 Clic
    Gerflor Mipolam Robust EL7
    Desso Essence
    Desso Tempra
  • Surface: 1050 SQM
  • Architectural design: Morphoza Studio
  • Year: 2019



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