For Jeka Travel agency, Dr. Arch. Ioana Corbu from IC STUDIO designed a workspace made to improve interdepartmental communication. It’s well known that creating more collaborative and agile spaces has empowered the employees to bring their best ideas forward in the right environment for them to be innovative.

Inspired by the movement, structures and evolving forms of ice in the “Icy Land”, Arctic Survey collection from Milliken, gives the Jeka’s closed offices a special unique vibe through the luxury textured carpet tiles which vary in scale and depth.

The 3D cube pattern used on walls, represents a sophisticated return to craft ceramics, where every element creates interesting transitions and makes the space more appealing for coworkers. Maps of Cerim ceramics from Florim, with the clean and light lines of the industrial simplicity of cement, gives the common areas a more informal and refined appearance.

“A team that speaks to each other face-to-face works better than one which communicates purely over email”.

Project description:

  • Products:
    Maps of Cerim Light Grey Nat ceramics
    Milliken Arctic Survey modular carpet
    Geggus Top Clean BASIC Ribbed Carpet
    Mirage Transition ceramics
    Mirage Transition 3D cube decor ceramics
  • Surface: 284.32 sqm
  • Architectural design & Project Management: Dr. Arh. Ioana Corbu (IC STUDIO)
  • Year: 2018



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