The design for Mercedes Offices @Dragomiresti focused on the idea of creating flexible working areas where employees and ideas can flow freely through the space. The large number of windows provide occupants more daylight and an open office feel.

The color and material palette features glass, reclaimed wood and few splashes of green, red and orange all embedded into the white tonality of the walls, suggesting the luxury of the Mercedes-Benz brand while also celebrating the modern character of the space.

The right lighting can put you in the right state, that is why this part is so essential when shaping a space. Round light installations are a common element – that contribute to the quality of the work environment- in designing Mercedes offices around the world.

Offering affordable excellence and endless creative scope for commercial interiors while being suitable in areas where castor chairs are in constant use, Desso Essence took over the flooring plan without stealing the spotlight from the architectural design.

Being a Cradle to Cradle Bronze level certified collection, Desso Grain carpet injected bold green accents in the informal area where colors were used as a powerful and cost-effective tool in creating a dynamic zone.

The people-centric design emphasizes ease of movement, while providing desired long-term flexibility. The new Mercedes workspace represents the merging between the elegance of the international brand and the pride for its iconic slogan: “The best or nothing”.

Project description:

  • Products: Desso Essence (Probase)
    Desso Grain
  • Architectural Design: Prographic Architecture Studio
  • Surface: 340 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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