Located in Equilibrium building, NEWTON OFFICES foster the creativity, tools and passion needed to innovate the next generation of technology. The brief was a sophisticated, modern and trendy space, designed to suit a modern company as this one.

By using an open plan layout, employees can move quickly and collaborate as a team. If a more secluded place is needed, they can drop into one of the private meeting rooms nearby. The users have multiple spaces to brainstorm and work efficiently in any way they see fit.

Walk in and you are greeted with a concrete wall where the Newton logo stands out without stealing the show. The reception desk sets the tone with its creative lightning installation incorporated in black framework. Although, all these elements seem like unlikely pairings, they all come together to create an interesting greeting zone.

The vibrant open plan we discover after passing the reception, was designed with Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 (Urban Drama) collection. These luxurious carpet tiles harness the office’s abundant natural light and combines the raw and rough look of concrete with the comfort and warmth of carpet, giving the space the best of both worlds.

For the kitchen area, the main goal was transforming a standard regular space into the heart of the office. Rubber flooring is incredibly durable, soft to the touch and warm underfoot, making it the perfect choice for any commercial space. The cool and contemporary lime shade from Artigo adds a touch of urban cool to this safety-conscious area.

Occupants sit in an open environment flooded by abundant natural light from uncovered windows that allow an uninterrupted view of the city. Raw materials such as wood or concrete and bold colors such as green or blue, brighten the space and help light reflect throughout the space.

The unique approach of the materials, the connectivity between the spaces and the acoustic flooring solutions create an exciting new space.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Change Agent (Compound Magic)
    Milliken Change Agent (Pure Alchemy)
    Milliken Artistic Liberties (Without Reserve)
    Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 (Laid Bare)
    Milliken Comfortable Concrete 2.0 (Urban Drama)
    Milliken Arctic Survey (Expedition)
    Artigo Grain / HG106
  • Surface: 530 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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