Prime Kapital Offices @Globalworth Tower

For its new office space, in Globalworth Tower, the client wanted to have a contemporary design. The carpet products installed are from Milliken Naturally Drawn and Formwork ranges.

Naturally Drawn was selected as it provides deep ink washes that create shaded pools on a storm cloud background. The shifting ombré tones that undulate smoothly across the tile complete perfectly with Formwork’s simplicity.

Formwork is a dense high-performance loop pile carpet tile. Available with cushion backing, with 90 per cent recycled content which provides underfoot comfort, improved acoustics and superior appearance retention.

To reduce environmental impact, the ranges can be supplied with adhesive free installation using TractionBack® which helps reduce materials usage and saves installation time. Both ranges are also certified to meet CRI Green Label Plus and GuT standards.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken carpet, Naturally Drawn & Formwork
    Gerflor Creation Design Mix
  • Surface: 900 sqm
  • Year: 2017



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