Looking for a different perception of the environment, typical for a bank branch, Corporate Office Solutions developed a clean, fresh concept for the renovation of ProCredit Bank. The architects decided to go with Laminam ceramics, not only because of the fine color palette of Oxide Collection, but also because this supplier is a specialist in the production of large-sized ceramic slabs with minimum thickness.

Through a unique layering technology, the surfaces of Oxide collection reproduce the effect of oxidized metal which reacts to the atmospheric agents, the sun and the passage of time. The material and chromatic depths help create new refined 3D effects for a total look in designing interiors and exteriors in any style.

The balanced use of materials and textures, the unified modeling language and pure color accent define ProCredit Bank as a notable, reliable and professional space.

Project description:

  • Product: Laminam Ceramica Oxide Avorio 3000 x 1000 x 5
  • Surface: 130 sqm
  • Architectural design & Project Management: Corporate Office Solutions
  • Year: 2019



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