ARHISAS was engaged by Straumann Group, to better accommodate functionality and flexibility in their newly updated offices, located in EXPO BUSINESS PARK.

The architects came up with countless design principles and planning to infuse the workplace with a variety of spaces for employees who seek movement, versatility and comfort and as much as for those who need their private ”4 walls” to be more focused.

Each closed meeting room tells a different story through the choice of materials, carpet design or furniture style, but at the same time staying connected through glass partitions with a strong visual identity. Every room pulls in a bold color palette, in small yet impactful doses.

The breakout zones make a bold statement! Sound-absorbing materials, with an artistic twist, were installed near the entrance, providing an informal background for quick conversations leading to connection.

The architects used a strategic palette scheme and different carpet collections for highlighting and defining each zone according to its functionality. We love how these three Tracing Landscape colour shades from Milliken perfectly merge into one masterpiece and turn every corner of this office into an iconic gathering point.

The arrival experience inspires the workspace a feeling of familiarity that plays an important role in setting the first steps that will guide the guests into a vibrant journey across STRAUMANN GROUP OFFICES. The reception zone resonates with the company’s progressive outlook – ensuring that visitors and staff will doubtedly feel the spirit of the brand throughout the building. The flooring plan completes this corporate wonderland vibe by balancing tranquillity and effortless beauty with functionality and uniqueness, through a carpet range that brings a considered spatial experience with simplicity at its core – Milliken In Situ.

The kitchen was drawn as a meeting point that encourages casual day-to-day collisions across departmental teams. The stylish Saga2 LVT from Geflor fits in with the overall design, adding value to the dining area. Designed for environments where high resistance to traffic is needed, Saga 2 comes with the innovative Protecsol® surface treatment which ensures no polish or wax for the entire lifetime of the product. This feature minimises dust allergies and it is also easy to clean and maintain.

The client’s brief was fully accomplished, as the final result delivers a colorful, efficient and fluid working environment, designed for spontaneous collaboration and idea generation.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Tracing Landscapes (Geography Lesson)
    Milliken In Situ (Move)
    Milliken In Situ (Area)
    Gerflor Mipolam Cosmo
    Gerflor Saga (Comfort)
  • Architectural Design: ARHISAS
  • Surface: 480 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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