This company’s new offices reflect the company’s values of supporting individual needs, working together and encouraging employees to think innovatively. In order to achieve these goals, Prographic Studio team had to deliver a diversity of workspaces that were able to meet different working needs – from quiet rooms and informal group based collaborations zones to large meeting rooms and individual working spots.

The visual elements of the architectural design take inspiration from their corporate identity and the tones of orange, pink, red and white are dancing in sync with all the floor finishes installed all over the top 7 floors of Ana Tower building.

Milliken Graffiti Scribe range draws inspiration from the random and distinctive nature of street art to create this contemporary design. With its 90% recycled content cushion backing, the selected carpet gives underfoot comfort, improved acoustics and superior appearance retention leading to extended product life. Besides the wide variety of colours, this “out of ordinary” collection also has CRI Green Label Plus and GuT certification for indoor air quality.

Openness is a key factor in the design – there are many more open settings than you would find in a traditional corporate offices environment. Designed for heavy commercial use, Juxtapose carpet tiles managed to set the tone of the space while making a statement though its plain yet bold design.

With Creation 70 LVT from Gerflor, the architects transfered the beauty of natural wood flooring into the kitchen areas, without harming any tree. These luxury vinyl tiles have truly got it all: highly functional, perfect for heavy traffic areas and easy maintenance. Delivering real impact, the extraordinary Creation 70 range transformed the relaxing zones into distinctive, inspiring and welcoming rooms.

In conclusion, the main focus on the details express the idea that details trully matter, that whatever this company’s employees are doing, it should be done well.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Out of the Shadows Scattergraph
    Milliken Juxtapose
    Culture Canvas Graffiti Scribe
    Gerflor Creation 70 LVT
    Radici Montecarlo
    Escreo Magnetic Whiteboard paint
    Escreo Magnetic Clear
  • Architectural design: Prographic Architecture Studio
  • Surface: 7545 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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