The future of workspaces is bright and traditional offices are making way for unusual spaces shaped by new ideas. Prographic Studio imagined Thales offices as a hi-tech space that will give visitors the feeling that the company is moving with the time. By incorporating Sci-Fi and futuristic designs into the plan, the architects were able to create eye-catching spaces that employees and clients are excited to see every day.

Office colour psychology focuses on subconscious reactions to different colours in the office environment, which can influence behaviour, emotion and state of being. Each closed meeting room has a story to tell, an exotic location to dream on and a representative chromaticity.

Landing in the “Bahamas” room, we can observe that green has the power to inspire balance, growth and harmony within the workplace. This color connects the staff to the natural environment, stimulating them to think and speak clearly.

Yellow is said to be one of the best color for areas of teamwork, so the “Maldives” room, with its bright tones, brings positivity and productivity among employees. For the conference room, the right shades of blue have been associated with depth and stability, boosting intellectual thought.

Good flooring design is a fundamental part of creating interesting, impactful and comfortable commercial interiors. Milliken never falls short of an amazing product and Formwork 2.0 is a fashionable, durable and practical carpet collection that perfectly suited the Thales office’s design.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Formwork 2.0 Brights
    Milliken Formwork 2.0 Neutrals
  • Surface: 3962 SQM
  • Architectural design: Prographic Architecture Studio
  • Project Management: Corporate Office Solutions (COS)
  • Year: 2019



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