Lightness, simplicity and attention to details are the main characteristics of THE BAR BEAUTY SALON @ GREEN COURT. This space was born from the desire to create an intimate, exclusive and refined space where clients come to forget about their everyday worries.

Designed according to the brand’s values, the simple aesthetics and monochromatic tones highlight the elegant personality of the interior and turn the ceramic flooring into a focal point of the space. Studios of Casamood collection, with its sophisticated but discrete vibe, defines the evolutionary path of modern cement-inspired surfaces, being a universal solution for commercial settings. The textured structure of this product suggests the effect of the manual skill, providing at the same time all the functional and practical features of latest generation fine porcelain stoneware.

The workspace has a generous amount of natural light, perfect for maintaining a high level of productivity and energy throughout the day.

The staircase is truly the heart of the project and becomes a channel to connect the two layers of space, improving vertical communication and fostering collaboration. The wood-iron staircase, that could also serve as a hub for spontaneous socialization, and the exposed high ceiling, blend well with the beauty salon’s story. The minimalistic concept and dark color scheme allow for uninhibited imagination.

The simpler, the better. The taller, the stronger.

Project description:

  • Product: Casa Dolce Casa Studios of Casamood 60×120
  • Surface: 130 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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