The ultimate expression of minimalism.

VOX DENTAL CARE’s design makes a powerful statement with its sheer simplicity. No fuss, no complicated elements, just pure perfection.

The black and white background wall introduces the customers into the Vox Dental Care world before moving forward into the dental studio. The abundance of light coming from the large window and the presence of natural plants, transform this main zone into a complete experience to the customers but also for employees as well.

The staircase is an interesting component of the project, becoming the channel that connects the two existing floors.

This space was completed by aseptic and clear materials, strongly avoiding the presence of unnecessary details, aiming towards smooth, safe and immaculate surfaces. The soothing nuances help creating a relaxed environment in an otherwise hectic area.

Packed full of contemporary style, this metallic effect PVC from Gerflor is the ideal choice for balancing a minimalist look while adding value to the flooring plan.

Taralay Premium Compact is treated with Evercare™, a surface treatment obtained by UV laser crosslinking which ensures easy maintenance and staining resistance. Besides its stunning finish design, this long lasting appearance product offers a 8 dB sound insulation while improving indoor air quality. Made from 50%+ recycled content, Taralay Premium Compact is a Global GreenTag Level A certified product.

VOX DENTAL CARE embraces classic design pieces, avoiding trend-driven color palettes, creating a space that is simultaneously timeless and a current reflection of their goal: delivering beautiful smiles in an appealing environment.

Project description:

  • Product: Gerflor Taralay Premium Compact
  • Architectural Design: Verum Interior Design – Monica Clenciu
  • Surface: 90 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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