The new Special Edition collection, Reminiscenze by Inkiostro Bianco, carries on the same path unveiling a new stage of discovering an enchanted space where the encounter with the memory makes the experience persistent.


This collection represents a journey within four non-places, reproducing majestic architectures worn by the passing of time, representing the steadiness of times in the memory of the remembrances. The evanescence is turned into a real presence on the walls and the non-place becomes a theatre for the memory.


These new wallpapers bring a scenario that recalls almost supernatural presences into a mystic middle-world where the architectures and the landscape tell the story of a glorious past.


Have you ever sensed the color of the light? Have you ever touched the air? Have you ever tasted the wind blow? Senses are relative. The memory is not that of the remembrance. The memory is capable to transport us immediately through the time where the absence exists and where the whole exists. And this is what all this collection is all about.


On the occasion of the release of the four new artworks, Gio Bressana (the brilliant mind behind Reminiscenze range) gifted the brand with a new colorful interpretation of one of the bestsellers released in the previous wallpaper collection.

The artist created Sang Réal (meaning royal blood) as an amazing trip through the elegant and talented brush strokes of an artist who mixes classic and contemporary style in total harmony to create something unique.


Inkiostro Bianco collections confirm the willingness of giving the opportunity to anyone of bringing beauty in their own lives.



« History is witness of the past, light of truth, life of memory, teacher of life, herald of ancient times. » Cicero