In our view partnerships means a close working relationship with our clients, being always by their side in the projects undertaken together, through consultancy, counselling, customer service and after sales service. The Decor Floor team aims to understand the overall needs of our clients and to identify the best solutions.

Space planning

Decor Floor provides full technical support on the consultancy process. In order to implement the best solutions for the installation of the provided material we offer both technical support for material calculation and technical solutions, regarding the technical details. This way we make sure that our clients have the best solution at their disposal.

Project Management

(site supervision) – in order to be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems every site has a dedicated site manager who’s objective is to ensure that the project is delivered on time according to the customers' requirements.

Providing materials

Decor Floor has a vast portfolio of top suppliers worldwide, for carpets, PVC, ceramic tiles, raised access floor systems, ventilated facades and ceiling systems.


Decor Floor provides professional installation for all the type of products delivered. Our installation team is special trained on the materials we provide in order to assure both a complete package of services and the guarantee of perfect installation.


We also offer to our clients a proper maintenance programme. The professional maintenance services have a positive effect on the aesthetics and performance of the flooring finishes, thereby preserving, maintaining and extending the life of your investment.

some of our partners that trust us, be sure to be one of them

  • Milliken
  • KAZA

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