Stay home. Stay productive. Get creative.

#StayingHome can be a lot more fun when you have an Escreo wall!
 #BeYourself #LearnEffectively #CreateBoldly

COVID-19 has made us rethink life. Nevertheless, our mission is still the same – promote productive and creative work. We changed the setting, but the goal is the same.

Our contribution to help you continue fulfil your potential is the special ESCREO Home Package. Got walls? Flat surfaces? That’s all you need to get started.

✔ Be creative and productive
✔ Spend quality time with your children
✔ Write a recipe for a healthy&tasty dessert.

✔ Plan your daily schedule and activities
✔ Write ideas and brainstorm
✔ Draw something inspiring that will make your day!

Working from home has its perks as well as its downsides.
Distractions can definitely be an issue especially if you’re a stay-at-home-parent and you’re watching over your little one or your incredibly cute pet just keeps popping behind your laptop craving for some of your precious attention. For many of us, what was once something of a threat is now becoming a real test of resourcefulness and productivity.
When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Or get some tequila.
Look around you, and what do you see? Walls. Let’s make use of them.

Use your walls to boost your creativity and that of your children.
Imagine a wall that separates your home office space with that of your children’s room, helping both of you make the most out of yet another day at home. You don’t have to imagine. All you have to do is paint both sides of that wall with ESCREO. Get your work planned and visible, so it keeps you on track, while your children stay busy by drawing and exploring on the other side.

How to install Escreo Whiteboard Paint – DIY tutorial
… and remember, if you don’t whitle while you paint you are not doing it right

ESCREO GO addresses the pressing challenge of noise pollution in the office and the need for multifunctional and mobile products. It comprises modular panels for both writing and acoustic purposes, customized according to the customers’ needs and wishes.