Case Study – brand new luxury building located in the very centre of Belgrade, in the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihailova Street. An area of 1000 m² and off is a modern, comfortable and luxurious accommodation. It has 12 modern accommodation units of different capacities, from single rooms to luxury suites which will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding guests.

Wood brings the nature in

With all the sophisticated guests and those who are always looking for more, hotels are always looking for a competitive advantage which will differentiate their services. For large international chains, it often means a consistent style regardless of the country, while “boutique” hotels or smaller chains can rely on their individuality. The latter was also the case in our story, where exclusive solutions had been chosen and they have made the desired difference.

The Bordeaux design has perfectly enabled the required contrast of modern furniture and rustic floor, with a maximum effect of the unique beauty of wood. At the same time, the stability of Tarkett multilayer parquet and unique “Hardwax Oil” oil protection for commercial premises provided the necessary resistance, durability and easy maintenance.



Installation year:  2014

TARKETT Solution: Tango Vintage – Bordeaux & Tango – Schwarzwald

  • Rustic design, living structure which gives contrast to the appearance of the interior
  • Endurance and wear resistance of the floor covering with the possibility of local reparations
  • Easy and low-cost regular maintenance


Inspired by the tradition of the most prominent wine regions and its 125 years of experience in the production of parquet, Tarkett has created an authentic and timeless collection Tango Vintage. With its rustic appearance, unique designs, oiled surfaces and bevelled edges, every single plank from this collection conveys the legacy and spirit of the world’s most famous wine regions into your home.

BORDEAUX The name itself is associated with high expectations in terms of wine. This eponymous wine region has a maritime climate, celebrated vineyards, as well as characteristic grape varieties and a well-known tradition. The integration of oil paint, brushed surfaces and chamfers produced the parquet of antique look with rich tones of gray in the pores. While Tango Vintage – Bordeaux owes its irresistible appearance to all these processes, it owes its amazing durability to “Proteco Hardwax” oil, which provides better protection than the traditional ones.



  • Tarkett multilayer parquet is safe, stable and long-lasting
  • By purchasing the parquet, you obtain a 30-year guarantee
  • Tarkett collection includes over 80 types of parquet
  • It is made from the highest quality wood species from all the continents
  • Tarkett parquet is sanded and varnished, therefore it is installed without dust and harmful fumes
  • It has more than 100 years of experience in parquet production
  • Delivery of boards ready for installation
  • The possibility of “floating installation”
  • T-lock locking system – safe, sturdy and almost invisible joint