Danya Cebus started works on Timpuri Noi Project, a dynamic new urban pole, providing an interactive, friendly environment with a unique identity. With a BREEAM Excellent certification, design stage, the office development is designed in a distinctive way, with a particular accent on green solutions & energy efficiency, emphasizing quality by modern simplicity.

Decor Floor recommended the investor and the general contractor of Timpuri Noi Square Knauf DB Green 30,  a flexible system of raised access floor, classified as non-combustible building material, as well as which was shown to be the most suitable choice for the 25.000 m2 contracted in the first phase.

The various GIFAfloor floor systems can fulfil at least the fire protection requirement F30 in every variation and offer best impact sound insulation. GIFAfloor DB raised access floor panels offers maximum flexibility also at changes of use and it can be revisioned completely.

Once the project will be finalized we will install more than 2000 m2 of Atlas Concorde ceramic tiles.

Beyond developing functional and efficient office spaces, Vastint is aiming to transform working environments into places where people feel more comfortable and safe and we’re proud to contribute to this vision.