Architect Adrian Scripcariu, Scripcariu Birou Arhitectura, together with our Sales Team, in Cluj – Napoca, provided for Doralex new residential project Sunny Prime a beneficial solution in terms of energy saving and improved living comfort – ventilated façade with Mirage, November porcelain stoneware with a visible anchoring system.

The structure of this type of system is made up of profiles and brackets manufactured via the extrusion of aluminium alloy, with a minimum thickness of 2 mm.

The structure is tied to the support in order to absorb thermal expansion/ shrinkage and subsidence of the support itself so that the external covering is not affected by any possible future induced stress.

The fixing of the brackets to the underlying support are carried out using adequately sized plugs suitable for the specific type of support. The fixing of profiles onto the brackets is carried out using rivets with “fixed point” and “sliding point”.

The anchorage of the slabs is carried out using special stainless steel clips. In order to obtain a perfect aesthetic result, the clips can be painted in the same colour of the slabs.


The main benefits of this solution are:


Energy saving: a ventilated facade provides noise insulation, low heat dispersion in cold periods and low heat absorption in hot months.

Healthier environment: a ventilated facade prevents thermal bridges, favours the dispersion of humidity present in the building and guarantees excellent noise insulation.

Unaltered technical and aesthetic performances: the colours of the slabs remain unaltered over time and the surfaces do not absorb dust or dirt.

Protection from water: a ventilated facade stops rainwater and ice from entering the walls thus reducing decay and relevant maintenance costs.

Ideal for renovation work: a ventilated facade can be applied over existing plaster without the need for restoration work.

Self-Cleaning: thanks to the technologically advanced HY-PRO24 and the super-hydrophilic action.


Mirage® porcelain stoneware is a compact, hard wearing and extremely hard material. The slabs are made using a process of vitrification: sand, quartz, feldspar, kaolin, clay and natural oxide pigments are mixed and fired together until they become a single material.

Mirage® has the advantage of innovative technology that results in ceramic slabs with unique and characteristic features, capable of meeting the demanding criteria of modern architecture, combining looks with technology-enhanced performance


Product:               Mirage ceramics, November Collection, tiles mix of 120 x 60 cm and 60×30 cm

Architect:            Adrian Scripcariu, Scripcariu Birou Arhitectura

Investor:              Doralex

Surface:                160 sqm

Year:                      2017