VIS takes its place in the LaFaenza catalogue.

A deliberate contrast between the Brand’s most profound, soft and welcoming essence and the apparently opposing ‘masculine’ component.

A curiously complicit play of words which, in their Latin form of ‘strength’, find union: on the one hand, a clean, minimalist style, on the other, a precise, typically feminine search for nuances with warm, enveloping tones.

VIS is a careful study of surfaces and their colors whose bonus lies in the ability to simultaneously attract the essence of plaster and cement to itself and, at the same time, the pure neutrality of the solid color.

VIS is a premium proposal as it encompasses the best technology currently available for tile production: a single slim thickness of 6.5 mm on all 6 formats in the range, from the 120×240 slab to the small 30×60.

VIS in military green, middle grey, silver, white, almond and taupe represents in a word – sophistication.