We are thrilled to announce the launch of Milliken’s new home of design services, the Vision Lab.

Vision Lab serves to connect you and your clients with Milliken’s Design Team to enable creativity and collaboration in your special projects.

The dedicated interactive section of the website gives an insight into the range of services that Milliken’s Design Team can offer support on, as well as the tools that you can use to experiment with our trusty partner’s portfolio, such as the visualiser, or where to download high-res imagery of the products.

Once a final design concept has been decided on (3D rendered floor plans can help you and your client in investigating a variety of different options), seaming diagrams can assist in estimating quantities of individual products needed, as well as how these products should be installed to achieve the desired look. All we need is a .dwg file or layered PDF of the floor plan.

For big projects where a more bespoke design is needed, the design team can work with the client to create variations on the standard products or custom designs to meet the customer’s needs.

The final section of the Vision Lab showcases a variety of the customs designs that have been created over the years, which can serve as inspiration to show how versatile the Millitron technology actually is.




This tool provides a library of high-quality 3D room scenes, in varying room types and styles, that enables clients to interact with the product, experiment with different carpet and LVT layout combinations and visualise their preferred choices.


High resolutions images of all carpet and LVT tiles are offered in single tile/plank format or as 4mx4m layouts. These downloads can then be used in your own Visualisation projects.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that begins with the creation of an intelligent 3D model and enables document management, coordination and simulation during the entire lifecycle of a project (plan, design, build, operation and maintenance). Milliken provides BIM objects for Milliken carpet and LVT products through the NBS National BIM Library.


Milliken’s Vision Lab team can present different floor covering design ideas and then help you or your client visualise those concepts by providing high resolution room scenes, using either a room from the Vision Lab library or a photograph/render of your own space.


Rendered Vision Lab Floor Plans allow a client’s design concepts to be viewed within a detailed 2D floor plan before a purchase decision is made. This tool provides detailed product details and specification information as well as showing suggested installation methods, zoning areas and pattern match. This helps to ensure accuracy at the point of final installation.



This tool complement Rendered Floor Plan and are supplied in a detailed 2D carpet layout. Labelled and colour coded areas indicate each carpet tile depicted on the diagrams, with directional arrows indicated carpet installation. The finished Seaming Diagram will be supplied with full product details and installation methods.



Milliken’s Design team is committed to providing design inspiration to the project planning process. Separated into pattern categories (Organic, Linear, Circular, Graphic, Geometric, Hospitality, Transitions), these concepts will offer a helpful starting point for any project.



Find the dedicated Vision Lab portal on Milliken’s website here, or access it via the ‘Vision Lab’ header on floors.milliken.com