General aspects

Client: WIPRO
Architecture: arch. Monica Trasca
Location: Globalworth Square

WEMAT executed works:

Carpet: 8200 sqm of Milliken carpet
LVT: 500 sqm of Milliken luxury vinyl tiles
Ceramics: 18 sqm of Laminam ceramics cladding
Partitioning Systems: 450 sqm of custom Infinity partition systems

Having in mind WIPRO’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, the architectural design and the flooring finishes must be in line with their vision and their corporate identity. Globalworth Square building also supports the health and well-being of its tenants, as evidenced by their achievement in obtaining the BREEAM Outstanding accreditation with 99% scoring.


The remarkable office for WIPRO @ GLOBALWORTH was designed to suit the needs required by the company’s rapid growth and ambitious goals for the future.

The reception desk is cladded with Laminam slabs, in a way that trully defines functionality, authenticity and style. Trapping the passing of time onto the surface of ceramics, Laminam Oxide Moro (3+) represents a sum of multiple decorative technologies which are combined and embellished with natural metallic-look pigments. Its futuristic look creates a high-impact three-dimensional effect that lends a sophisticated appearance to this space.


With Milliken In Situ range, the architects unlocked the creativity level, providing Wipro Offices a dynamic tile, which completes the flooring’s story by balancing tranquillity and effortless beauty with functionality and uniqueness.

Milliken has made great progress in their journey and continue to strive to make improvements and efficiencies in their manufacturing processes as well as continuing to innovate with low carbon and carbon negative products, such as the ones installed for this project.



In the kitchen and breakout areas, style and resilience build a strong presence thanks to Milliken Change Agent LVT. Earth Science range is undoubtedly the floor of the moment, offering that perfect blend of good looks, durability and ease of maintenance. Suited for heavy traffic, this plank has the appearance of a petrified wood that resembles stone in natural light. The organic pattern of this product creates a hazy spectrum of nuances that add movement across the floor plane.


Multiple formal meeting rooms, among which various informal zones were created for employees to enjoy their space through smart and soundproof design, without losing visual contact with the open space.  The office is divided by Infinity glass partitions that provide focus and peace of mind right in the middle of a chaotic day.

There are many advantages of Infinity Divisions glass partition walls:

  • Minimum weight load
  • Increase in natural light flow (better quality of working environment results in higher productivity)
  • Service life (minimum maintenance and maximum quality)
  • Ease of installation


Locally produced in Romania, Infinity Divisions products are developed with the aim to offer an innovative solution for the partitioning of the interiors.



The client’s brief was fully accomplished, as the final result delivers a colorful, efficient and fluid working environment, designed for spontaneous collaboration and idea generation.