September 26, 2017

Wood Creativity Lab, our first wood craft workshop in Cluj – Napoca, in partnership with Tarkett, took place in September and it was a truly sensory workshop experience enjoyed by our guests.

On 26th of September group of Cluj based architects dared to join us in the Showroom for a session of wood crafting under the expert tutorage of Radu Călian, Tilion Studio.

Radu’s story started in 2014 as a hobby which then grew slowly and developed into a personal brand. His aim is to combine design with art, mixing several styles and sprinkling over personal elements.

During the workshop we couldn’t help but notice how much it means to people to make something with their own hands. It seemed that everybody felt great joy working with wood. Combining different tools, architects stepped into the art of carving fresh wood proving their ingenuousness. We hope the joy, enthusiasm and inspiration experienced during the event.

Every tree gives a variety of different colors and structures which vary depending on how we cut the material. Our 130-year-old experience in processing wood developed a unique system for carefully inspecting and grading wood, manufacturing floors with different looks, expressions and styles. This way, natural beauty becomes an everyday inspiration and part of your beautiful home.

All the knowledge and craftsmanship that the company has possessed since it was founded is expressed in the floors Tarkett produces today. Genuine expertise combined with cutting-edge technology results in new, modern, intelligent and beautiful wood flooring. All in service of finding the best wood flooring solutions that are inspired by nature, long lasting and easy to care for.

Tarkett Wood Tradition And Innovation