Ventilated Facades @Hermes Business Campus ABuilding

Hermes Business Campus is a project of high repute for us and now we are reaching the end of the works on the third stage by installing over 1200 sqm of ventilated facades of 3 mm with reinforced fiber glass Neolith ceramics.

During 2014 Decor Floor delivered and installed, for the first building, 18.000 sqm of JVP raised access floor system, 3500 sqm of Atlas Concorde Ceramic, Diamante Collection, Mirage Ceramic Replain and 7.000 sqm of different Desso Carpet collections.

The second phase continued in 2015 with another more 20.000 sqm of JVP raised access floor system with over 10,000 sqm of carpet delivered and installed to the building tenants and more than 8.000 sqm of Atlas Concorde and Mirage ceramics.

For the third building, and last phase of Hermes Business Campus, 25.000 sqm of JVP raised access floor system we’re already delivered and installed this year, over 12.000 sqm of Desso Business Carpet together with ceramics from Mirage and Atlas Concorde signed with different tenants.

Now we find us in the last phase of this project we grew together with and which we consider that it was a company level challenge. And moreover, it continues with the new concept of an atrium courtyard designed to connect all eight floors.

As new concept requires new products, the first choice for the wall coverings was Neolith by the Size which belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade and meant to provide an innovative response to most demanding architectural and design demands.

Resistant to changes in temperature and stains, Neolith is produced with 100% natural raw materials which also makes it resistant to UV rays, characteristics that guarantee the unalterability of the material with the passing of time. With extraordinary physical properties, Neolith has become an excellent material both for exterior and interior use because of its slightness which enables easy installation.


The chosen collection for Hermes Business Campus atrium courtyard of the third building was Neolith Colorfeel Perla together with HC Fixing System, hidden system with longitudinal adhesion. This option, which was developed for Neolith tiling, is comprised of a hidden support system which uses a longitudinal elastic chemical adhesive with a vertical support featuring T- or L-profiles depending on whether the profiles coincide with the joints between the Neolith boards or reinforce the center of the joints and bear the support through retention or sustenance supports. The chemical-elastic anchoring offers such benefits as optimized energy consumption, thermal & acoustic insulation, water impermeability. and moreover it achieves a hidden fixing system without any aesthetic distortions.


The project is ongoing so for now we’ll have a sneak peek at how the works are going on the site.