Rediscover the Taralay Premium range in the looselay Attraction® format for an easy and long-lasting renovation.

ATTRACTION® is a semi-flexible tile constructed by compacting, at high temperature and over 3000 T, a 4mm recycled backing and a 1mm pure vinyl wear layer. This wear layer is incorporating very densely pressed coloured chips, with a mat finishing and without a transparent wear layer. The product comprises a compact backing which is pressed and reinforced with two glass ibre grids.

ATTRACTION® has a unique dovetail joint which allows fast loose lay installation and replacement.

ATTRACTION® is treated with Protecsol®2, a surface treatment obtained by UV laser crosslinking. This Protecsol®2 ensures easy maintenance and eliminates permanently the need for acrylic emulsion (metallisation). It avoids staining of chemical products used in healthcare like iodine alcohol, Betadine, eosin and anti-bacterial hand gel.

ATTRACTION® has a Bl-s1 ire classification in accordance with standard EN 13501-1. The products emission rate of volatile organic compounds is <10µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days – ISO 16000-6). It is made of 100% controlled recycled materials. It does not contain any heavy metals or CMR 1&2 and they are 100% compliant with REACH. It is 100% recyclable and made with up to 80% recycled content.